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Welcome To Lost In Reality.
Welcome to Lost In Reality. This is my personal writing blog. It’s not only mine, it’s also yours. You readers/members/guests are the fuel to LIR. Without you LIR would not exist.

LIR is primarily a Horror Fiction Writing blog of mine and I enjoy making new and creative ways of getting people to join in/read.

Well enough of the mushy stuff take a look around and enjoy your visit.

Hope to see you again. :)
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 What Lies Beneath

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Watching and old western movie Jack sit in his chair and has a flash back. “Hey boy what you doing with that there gun?” asked a man as he walked towards Jack. “Your a little to young to be carrying that around. Why don’t you hand it over?” The man asked. The gun started to shake and a light fog started to form behind Jack. The man got scared and started to back away. Jack grabbed the gun from behind him only to see it had a faint glow. He pointed it towards the man “Why don’t you go away before you see what this really can do” said Jack as he started to move closer to the man with his gun pointed straight at him. The man turned and walked away as if nothing happened. Jack looked down at his gun and the glow was fading out and the fog was going away. “What is this, why does it happen only when I feel threatened” Jack asked to himself? He walked away not knowing where he was going.

Jack heard a loud bang that startled him from his day dream. “What was that” He asked himself? He looked over at his gun and saw it was fine. He stood up from his chair and walked towards his kitchen. He entered his kitchen and saw some spoons on the floor. He went to pick them up and noticed blood spot on the floor. He went to inspect it a little further and saw another one. He followed the trail of blood spots and saw a girl hiding behind his counter. “How did you get in here?” he asked the girl? She looked up at him and didn’t say anything. “What do you want?” he asked her? She looked up at him and began to cry “Mister you got to help me please” she said. Jack had a puzzled look on his face “Help you Hell I don’t even know how you got in here” he said as he stood up straight. The girl stood up and walked past him “Look the door was open I just ran in I felt safe in here.” She explains. She walked to the door “Mister please my friend Sue and Peter went into some park and now they’re screaming and, and-” she paused and stared out the door. “And what finish” jack demanded she turned from the door and looked at him. “I went in and they’re dead they’re dead okay....I think Sue is alive she was hiding. Please you have to help me” She begged. He walked over to her and tried to console her. He walked her to the living room and sat her on the sofa. He gave her a blanket and told her she’ll be okay. “I’ll go check it out first thing in the morning” He explains to the girl “Right now you need rest.” He says as he lays her down.

The next morning she awakes to the smell of French toast in the air. She walks to the kitchen to see Jack standing next to the stove singing and cooking. She smiles and looks over to the left to see a spot on the table made up for her. She goes over to the table and sits down, Jack turns around with the French toast in his hands and sits them on the table. They eat and Jack puts the dishes into the sink and they move from the kitchen to the living room. She sits on the sofa and notices Jack shotgun leaning on the wall. “That’s a nice shotgun, I never seen one like that” she says as she points to the shotgun. Jack turns and looks and smiles “Yea its my special baby, I had it since I can remember.” He explained. The girl got up and looked at the clock it said 1:30pm “Oh my god Sue” she yelled. Jack jumped up and tried to relive her. “Who’s Sue?” he asked She stopped and looked him in the eyes “Sue is the girl I was telling you about last night, You have to go help her please.” She explains as she walks towards the door. Jack grabs her and makes her sit down “I will go check it out you stay here...Where is she?” he asked. She wrote down a street name on a tissue and Jack grabs his shotgun and leaves while she watches him out the window.

Jack arrived on the street the girl had wrote down on the tissue. When he looked up he got cold chills from the sight he just saw. “What is this place” he thought to himself? He got a little closer and he cold see a figure emerging from the fog pushing a cart. Out of curiosity he goes over to the man. “Hello sir do you want to come in and enjoy the park” asked The Vendor. He started to grin and Jack took a step back. “Is Sue or Peter in there?” he asked The Vendor. The man starts to laugh “Come on in they’re here having fun with the clowns....You may like them as well” he says while approaching Jack. “Here have some cotton candy no one can come to the park without having cotton candy” he reaches for his cart but before he can Jack slaps his hand down. “No thanks I'm just going to look for Sue and Peter” he says as he walks past The Vendor. Jack disappeared into the fog “No one denies my cotton candy we will see how far he goes” The Vendor said as he pushed his cart towards a big black building to the left of the park.

Jack came across some stands in the park that were covered in blood. He looked around and didn’t see anyone all he saw everywhere were bones. He started to move towards the building he saw in the middle of the park. As he began to get closer to the building his shotgun begins to shake and Jack grabs it and holds onto it tightly. As he looks back up He sees a boy curled up on the ground in front of the building. He runs over to the boy “Are you okay” Jack asked the boy. The boy looked up at him and didn’t say anything. Jack reached down to touch his shoulder but his hand went straight through the boy. Jack gasped and realized he was talking to a ghost he stood up and made his way up the stairs. When he walked through the door all he could hear was screaming and cries for help. “How come I didn’t her screaming when I was outside” he thought. He heard a woman yelling from down the hall so he ran to help her. He cam up to a blood drenched hall with scratches along the walls. He went to the door he heard the yelling coming from and opened it. As he opened the door he could feel his gun shaking even more. He walked into the room and there was a dark figure in the corner of the room. “Hello are you okay?” he asked the figure. He moved closer to the figure to see what it was. Just as he got close enough to make out what it was it jumped on him and bit him on the arm. He shot his shotgun but it didn’t hit the figure. He ran to the other side of the room and looked around for the figure. It was gone “What was that....Where did it go” He asked out loud. Jack looked down at his arm he could see the bite marks from the figure and he could see the blood dripping from his arm.

Jack walked out the room clenching his arm. He wasn’t in any pain but didn’t want to leave a blood trail anywhere. He ripped his shirt and tied it around his arm to stop the bleeding. He heard laughter and yelling coming from outside the building. As he made his way towards the front door he noticed there were stairs that lead upstairs and some that lead downstairs. Anxious he walked over to the stairs that lead down. He clutched his shotgun and made his way down the stairs. He came across a door down the stairs and opened it slowly. As he walked in the hall he could see lights on the walls and foot prints like her never seen before. He made it to the middle of the hall before he heard noises like scratching on a door. When he got to the end of the hall there were two doors one was locked but the other was opened. He slowly turned the knob and the scratching stopped. Once he got the door all the way open he looked in he aimed his shotgun and walked in. He didn’t see anything but blood and bones in the room. He walked toward the bathroom of the room and saw a dead girl in the tub faced down. He put his shotgun on his back and ran towards the girl. “Hey I'm here your safe” he said as he went to grab her. She rose from the tub and floated above him. “You dare enter my hell house now you will die like the others” she said as she pointed to him. Jack grabbed his shot gun and tried to shoot her. He shot her in the chest and she just laughed. He ran out of the bathroom and towards the door. “Bring me his soul” she shouted and out the corner of his eye he seen dogs like no other chasing him. These dogs didn’t look like any dogs he ever seen before. They’re skin was ripped and they were blood covered, they had sharp teeth and blood colored eyes. Jack ran as fast as he could to get down the hall and out of the building. The dogs were right behind him barking and trying to bite him. As he reached the final step a dog bit his ankle and tried to drag him back down. Jack grabbed his shotgun and shot the head off the dog. He heard the woman yell as he shot the rest of the dogs. He made it to the top step and the last two dogs didn’t follow him they stood at the bottom of the stairs barking. He looked down at his leg and saw the dog ripped his leg to pieces but he knew he had to get out.

When he got out of the building he didn’t see the ghost boy anymore. He walked past a big sign that said Welcome To The AbuseMent Park “The abusement park” he thought to himself. “Who would make such a hellish place” He asked. He started to hear a woman's laughter coming from a big black building. He started to head over to the building and his shotgun started to go crazy. It lit up and a fog started coming off of it. He knew something bad was in this building. He knew he had to go see is Sue or Peter was in there. He made his way towards the building and went inside the doors. There was no halls and there were no doors just a big spiral staircase leading down to the laughter. He had light from his shotgun as he made his way down the staircase. As he reached the bottom of the staircase a dark figure jumped on him and knocked him out.

When he woke up he was in a black room with no windows or any sign of life. He tried to move but he couldn’t. “I can’t control my arms and legs what’s happening.” He asked himself. He looked around for his shotgun but it was nowhere in sight. “Help....Help” he yelled but no one came to his aide. He closed his eyes and when he opened them again there stood a woman in front of him “What are you doing here” she asked. He looked at her but didn’t answer “No one makes it this far in my park” She explained “You’re supposed to be dead by now none of my minions took care of you” She started to laugh “Well it time for me to have some fun” she said as she reached down for him. Jack tried to move away and as he did he got control of his hand. He punched her in the face and tried to move as best as he could. She ran over and picked him up and threw him against the wall. The impact of Jack put a big hole in the wall. “You dare hit me.... Do you know who I am” She said as she started to float. She floated to him a picked him up again she slammed him into the floor and beat him until she saw blood come from everywhere.

He begged her to stop but she kept going. She flicked her hand and he flew to the other side of the room. He saw his shotgun out side of the room. He called for his shotgun and it floated back to his hands. He pointed it at her and shot her in the arm. She yelled and flew backwards. “This is my chance” he said as he tried to get up. “I have to get out of here” He said as he limped towards the door. The woman rose from where she was and made a hand motion that made him stop in his path. But it didn’t hold him for long. He started to regain his motion again and started to run as fast as he could. She was puzzled by this. She tired to read his mind but couldn’t something blocked her from his mind. She yelled a yell that you could hear five miles away a yell that made your ears bleed. Jack dropped to his knees and clenched his ears he could do noting but scream. When the yelling stopped he grabbed his gun and made his way back up the stairs. He looked behind him and saw the woman standing at the bottom of the stairs. He stared at her and she turned and walked away. Jack turned and limped up the stairs and made his way back to the top of the building.

When he made it to the top he ran for the door. When he got to the door he saw the woman standing there waiting. He looked behind him and didn’t see her anymore. “how did she get up here so fast” he asked himself. When he turned around she was right in front of him. She slapped him to the other side of the hall. The impact of him hitting the wall shook the building. He dropped his shotgun on impact. The woman walked over and picked it up. She felt all the power his had and she liked it. She knew she had to have it. She aimed at Jack and laughed “Now what’s yours will be mine and you shall perish like the rest” she said as she pulled the trigger. Jack lunged up and smacked the gun it fell to the floor. He grabbed it and pointed it at her “No you will perish and everyone here will die with you” He said as he shot her in the head. She fell to the floor and disappeared. He heard yelling and banging coming from downstairs. Jack picked himself up and exited the building. He made his way towards the exit of the park. Just as he made his way to the exit The Vendor walked up to him “Looks like you could use some cotton candy” he said while laughing. Jack looked him up and down and pulled his shotgun up and shot The Vendor in the leg. He screamed and clenched his leg. Jack exited the park and vowed he will come back and kill everyone who wronged him in that park.

He returned home badly beaten and bruised. The girl ran to him when she saw him from the window. “Oh my god are you okay....We need to get you to a hospital” she said as she wrapped his arm around her neck to help him inside. She sat him on the sofa and put his shotgun away. “What happened in there” she asked. Jack looked up at her and told her tales of what he been through. “All I know is that is no godly place its Erie, supernatural, and when I get better I will kill them all” he said as he laid down to get some rest. The girl cared to his wounds and tried to make him feel better. But the only thing that will make him feel better is Knowing everyone in the AbuseMent Park is dead.
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What Lies Beneath
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