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Welcome To Lost In Reality.
Welcome to Lost In Reality. This is my personal writing blog. It’s not only mine, it’s also yours. You readers/members/guests are the fuel to LIR. Without you LIR would not exist.

LIR is primarily a Horror Fiction Writing blog of mine and I enjoy making new and creative ways of getting people to join in/read.

Well enough of the mushy stuff take a look around and enjoy your visit.

Hope to see you again. :)
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 The NightMare Begins

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Staring out the window she watches as her mom leaves in her car. She watches as she drives down the street and out of sight. She gets up from her chair and goes downstairs into her living room. She takes a cookie from the plate on her coffee table and sits on the sofa and bounces as she eats the cookie. Her cat jumps up on the sofa and starts rubbing her head on Calina’s hand. She looks down and watches the cat, she gets up from the sofa and walks into the kitchen. She grabs a knife and the hammer and walks back into the living room. She grabs the cat by the neck and puts her on the floor. She smashed his head in with the hammer and blood squirted on the rug. She takes the knife and skins the cat and cuts it up into little pieces.

Her mom returns and sees her cutting up the cat. She runs over and grabs the knife and throws it to the other side of the room. “Oh my god Calina what have you done” she asks and she looks down in amazement. “Your 19 years old you can’t keep doing things like this, you need to grow u already and act like a woman” she says and she pulls Calina up from the floor. She dragged her by her arm upstairs and into the bathroom “Your birthday is tomorrow and I don't want any more of this nonsense to go on anymore” she said as she let her go. “Now clean yourself up and come down for dinner” she said as she closed the door behind her. Calina looks at her self in the mirror and sees all the blood on her face and in her hair. She slowly began to smile, it made her feel important but in a weird way. She climbed in the tub and opened the window, she climbed out and ran down the street.

She ran into a couple of girls standing in an amusement park entrance. “Hey watch where your going” one girl said as she turned around. “Oh My God are you okay” the girl shouted as she reached to touch Calina. She didn’t speak she just stared at them. They turned away form her and mumbled to themselves. They turned back to her and grabbed her arm “Come on your safe with us” said one girl as they walked towards a car. They put her in and quickly got in the car and drove her to their house. When they arrived they took her out of the car and into the house. One girl ran upstairs to get a bowl of water and a rag. The other two girls walked her into their living room and sat her down. “Are you okay? What happened to you?” one girl asked. Calina didn’t look at her she turned her head and looked out the window. “Poor girl must be in shock” said the other girl as she ran her fingers through her hair. The other girl came back down stairs with the bowl of water and a wash rag. She sat it next to Calina and wet it and tried to wipe her face. The sun went down as they washed her face and hands, Calina looked out the window then back at the girls. She jumped up and ran into the kitchen and grabbed anything she could. She grabbed a turkey carving knife and headed towards the girls. Calina screamed and ran for the front door. They chased her but she was to quick, She opened the door and ran down the street.

They ran out the door after her and one of the girls grabbed the car keys. They jumped in the car and chased her. Calina ran back to the amusement park and hid in one of the buildings. The girls arrived and found an empty park. They walked in and looked for the girl, They split up and tried to cover more ground. They didn’t find her anywhere “Where could she be” asked one girl as she looked around. Calina ran into a room and slammed the door. The girls turned to see where the noise came from. “It came from that building, She must be so scared” one of the girls said as they walked towards the building. They walked up the stairs and into the building. There was only one way to go and that was down. They slowly walked down the stairs and saw the closed door at the bottom of the steps. Knowing Calina was down there they kept moving, They came across 3 small halls in the bottom of the building and decided to each go down one. One girl took the middle hall, as she walked down the hall she could hear faint breathing. “Hello is anybody down here” she said as she walked down the hall. She could see something moving but couldn’t make it out so she moved closer.

Just as she neared the end of the hall the light went out. The girl screamed and Calina jumped out of the shadows and sliced her arm. She screamed and grabbed her arm she tried to turn around but Calina stabbed her in the back. She screamed and fell to the ground, Calina slit her from her stomach to her throat and laughed when the blood squirted on her. She could hear the other two girls running in the other halls and started running towards their direction. She got to the end of the hall and waited for the other two to reach her. When one of them got close enough she stabbed her in the cheek with the knife. She didn’t scream she just fell to the ground. The other girl turned the corner and saw Calina standing over her friend slicing her from head to toe. She shouted and ran towards the steps. She made it up the steps but Calina was right behind her. Calina luged with her knife and caught her in the lower back she shouted as she fell to the ground. Calina stood over her body and looked down at her “Why are you running I just want to play” she said as she dragged her back downstairs. The girl was screaming and begging for her life but Calina just kept dragging her. Her body made a loud bang on every step as she dragged her down. She closed the door behind her and dragged her down the middle hall. She went to the back of the hall where there was no light she laid her body in the corner and stood over her. “Now this will hurt you more than it’ll hurt me” she said as she started laughing. She got on her knees and stabbed her more than fifty times. She cut her skin off and took out her organs, she threw them down the hall. She got up from the body and walked to the other side of the hall. She sat down to admire her work and before she knew it she was asleep.

Several weeks has passed and the word is out that three girls who went to an amusement park was missing. The people of the town knew who had something to do with it but they had to make sure. They rallied up and waited for the night, They surrounded Calina’s house and demanded she come out. They threw rocks through her windows and finally couldn’t wait any longer. They got on her porch and burst open her door, it swung open and hit the wall. They all rushed in and began shouting. No one would answer them back the house was quiet. They searched the house from top to bottom but no one was found but her mother. Her mother was found drunk and staring at a blank television screen. They brought her downstairs and demanded to know where her daughter was. She couldn’t help them as much as she could help herself stand up. She mumbled words that made no sense and stumbled with every step she took. “I remember the flyer saying the last place the girls went was the amusement park” said one of the people from the crowd. They grabbed her mother and brought her outside, They threw her in the car and drove away.

They drove to the amusement park and parked in the street. They got out of their cars and dragged her mother out. They entered the park and started searching for the girl. She was no where to be found but a mysterious smell caught their noses. “It’s coming from that building” one of them said as they pointed. They walked over to the building and walked up the stairs, they entered the building and saw the steps leading down. They turned on their flashlights and looked around. Someone pointed their flashlight towards the stairs and saw the blood trail leading down. “Look over there” he shouted as everyone turned their lights. They followed the blood trail down the long staircase and could see an arm at the bottom of the stairs. They walked in the door and could see blood and limbs everywhere. They flashed their lights down each hall and saw one had more blood than the rest of them. They went down the middle hall looking for the girl, they were stepping over chucks of meant and bones on the floor. They came to the end of the hall to see the girl sitting in the corner like she was hiding from something. They surrounded her and threw stuff at her. “You deserve to die” they shouted as they moved closer to her. She looked up at them “Get out of here” she yelled as she tried to get up. They pushed her back down and began to beat on her. The beat her until she was black and blue. Four people in the crowd had knifes, they pulled them out and began cutting and stabbing her.

She lye on the floor in a pool of her blood. Her mom screamed when she saw what they did to her. They backed away from her and realized they were covered in her blood. They threw the knifes at her and tossed her mom to the side and began to leave. Her mom tried to make her way back towards the stairs with the crowd. They pushed her away and she hit her head on the wall and fell to the floor. They turned from her and walked up the stairs, got back in their cars and drove away. Calina was faintly breathing on the floor, she wasn’t dead but she would be if no one helped her.

The hall turned black as a voice started to speak to her. “I can help you” it said as it slowly started to show itself to her. She was to weak to look up she just lye there. “I want you to destroy the human race so I can destroy the planet.” It said as it began to lift her from the ground. “You will be the destroyer of man kind, you’ll be stronger than anything in this world. Nothing can stop you they can only follow” it said as he lifted her higher. She floated in the air, her arms spread apart and her wounds began to heal. Her hair grew long and jet black. Her nails grew long and sharp, her eyes turned black, her teeth grew sharp. She kept her human form and gained so much power she thought was going to die. The powers hit her one after the other, When it stopped she began to float back down to the ground. She landed on her knees and the dark mass stuck his arm through her body. She gasped as it entered her, he pulled out her soul and said some words. When he finished speaking he put her soul back into her body. “This is where you’ll stay and wreak havoc from on this world. You can never leave this place until I return to you, If I ever return to you” it said as it began to move and fade away from her sight.

The light returned in the hall and she could see her mother gaining her conscious back down the hall. “What happened” she asked as she grabbed her head. Calina teleported to her and was amazed and what she just did. She picked her mother up by the neck “Why didn’t you help me” she asked as she held her mom up in the air. “I-I-I couldn’t” she said as she tried to breathe. Calina threw her down the hall and she slammed on the ground. She waved her hand sideways and her mother flew into the wall beside her. Calina looked down at her hands in shock at what she just did. “I wonder what else I can do” she thought. She teleported to the end of the hall and her mother tried to crawl away. “What-What happened to you, Your not my daughter” she said as she tried to get away. Calina got so angry when she spoke those words to her. She threw up her hand and in it formed an energy ball. She looked at it and smiled, she threw it towards her mother and watch as it shocked and burned through her skin. She was nothing more than bones left on the floor.

Calina laughed an evil laugh, she liked to hurt people and she wanted more but mostly she wanted revenge. She astral projected herself above ground to see the park still there. She saw people riding rides and walking around as if nothing happened to her down there. She floated above everyone and tore the place apart. People where screaming and trying to get away, she waved her hand towards the crowd and they went flying into the concession stands. She threw energy ball after energy ball into the crowds. She floated down and began tearing people limb from limb. She sliced people apart with her sharp nails. She threw their arms and legs all around the park and kept their heads as prizes. The park was covered in blood, bones and bodies laid every where. The sign to the park fell and a new one rose form the ground. Welcome To The AbuseMent Park it read and she felt at home again. “Anyone who dares come here with pure souls will die, Head my warning this world shall parish. I’m Queen Calina from this day forth and everyone must die” she said as she floated above the sign. “This is my park” she thought and laughed as she drifted back into her body.

The evils of the world will come here to aide or please her by doing her evil deeds. But those who find her Den are unlucky and never return. She waits for the disturbance in the air for her next kill and surly she wants revenge on the ones who hurt her. Anyone unlucky enough to stumbled into the park never makes it out. This is just the beginning of the nightmare that became reality.
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The NightMare Begins
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